Monthly Archives: September 2017

Ep. 9: Being Busy and Technical Difficulties

Dear Mommy,

You really made this one an editing mess for me. I had to actually do more than just put our music in. I mean we literally spoke about how busy we are in this podcast and yet you added like five more minutes of work to my plate? Truly that was very rude. I had fun talking to you this week and telling you all about how hard adulting is though, so I guess I’ll forgive you.



Ep. 8: Binge Watching and Boobs to Penis Ratio

Dear Bree,

Talking about what we are binge watching right now was a lot of fun. I’m really sorry that you didn’t get to experience my level 10 cough…it was probably because of the hot toddy. I love you very much and am looking forward to this season’s a-thon.



Ep. 7: The International Incident and Carmen Chameleon

Dear Mom,

We really should’ve taken some notes before recording because we definitely did not tell the events of The International Incident in order.  However, that is not the worst of the crimes committed on the podcast this week; Tanner doesn’t know how to buy soda and you can’t remember the names of songs. Truly, our family needs to get it together. Also, I’m famous now so I don’t understand why I’m editing these myself. Shouldn’t I have a personal assistant at this point?